Vote in the Democratic Primary

Dear Friends,
Election day is tomorrow, TuesdayMarch 1st. Please vote if you have not done so already! Remember your vote is your voice.
The Voting Rights Act (VRA) bans racial discrimination in voting practices by the federal government as well as by state and local governments.Passed in 1965 after a century of deliberate and violent denial of the vote to African-Americans in the South and Latinos in the Southwest – as well as many years of entrenched electoral systems that shut out citizens with limited fluency in English – the VRA is often held up as the most effective civil rights law ever enacted. It is widely regarded as enabling the enfranchisement of millions of minority voters and diversifying the electorate and legislative bodies at all levels of American government.
Head to the polls and stand up for what matters most in our communities and our lives. Nationwide, more than 5,500 races and ballot initiatives will be decided this election season. These races are about jobs, economic security, the environment, health care and will directly impact your friends and family. It’s vital that we all weigh in.
For your voting location click here.
Yours in Public Service,
Roland Gutierrez

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